6 Reasons to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody agreements are designed to be in the best interest of the child, and their parents.
The agreements are normally designed to show each parent what their responsibilities will be
pertaining to the raising of the child or children. Child custody lawyers are normally hired when
the parents are unable to come to an agreement on their own. Moving into legal proceedings
with a third-party helps to move the case along faster and helps to ensure both parties get to
an agreement. What happens if you do not have a lawyer? You could end up with less custody
than you determine is fair, or you could end up paying more or less in child support. Always
consult with a child custody lawyer prior to responding to anything related to your case. Here
are 6 reasons why it pays to hire a child custody lawyer:
1. Protect your children
2. Lawyers have experience with family law
3. Experience with the judge in local cases
4. Negotiation experience
5. Ability to set up a fair child custody agreement
6. Prevent unfair bias or practice

Protect Your Children

The number one reason to hire a lawyer is to protect your children. Placing your children’s
interest first should be the top priority as typically both parents want to provide their children
with the best upbringing for them. A good lawyer will review your case, discuss the overall
situation, and will focus on what is best for the children. A good lawyer knows how disruptive
the case can be, which is why they focus to take on the stress you are feeling in relation to the
custody case. You deserve to have someone fight for your rights and be on your side, and a
good lawyer is here to help.

Experience with Family Law

A good family lawyer will be able to handle any issues that come with the case. There will be
hiccups along the way. You need to hire someone you know you can trust to have your best
interests in mind. A good lawyer knows what type of strategies other lawyers will take in
custody cases, making it easier for them to have the right counter arguments prepared.
Complex cases need the help from a good lawyer. Do yourself a favor and hire a custody lawyer
in Vacaville to handle your case.

Experience with Judge

Depending upon your case, the judge may be the person that holds the most important aspects
of making a ruling. A good lawyer knows when a case goes to court with a judge, you are facing
a tougher situation. If the lawyer has prior experience in the family law courtroom, they likely
have relationships with the judges in the region and know what type of counterarguments and
agreements to push.

Negotiation Experience

Less than 5% of custody cases head all the way to the courtroom in front of a judge. Why? Good
lawyers who know proper negotiation skills are one of the reasons! In many cases, the parents
are willing to work together for the sake of their children, allowing for an agreement to be
made outside of the courtroom.

Fair Child Custody Agreement

Lawyers will fight for your rights, and for the rights of your children. The goal is to make the
best arrangement possible for the children. When you hire the right lawyer, it will ensure that
you are being protected with a fair child custody agreement for both you and the children.
Prevent Unfair Practice or Bias
A good lawyer works on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected. If you do not have a
good lawyer helping with your case, you may find yourself dealing with your ex-spouse’s lawyer
and they are pushing to make you pay more in child support and lose child custody. It pays to
have someone on your side who knows family law and wants to fight on your behalf. Contact
David Knecht Law today to discuss your child custody case.