Criminal Defense

Whether you’ve been charged with petty theft or murder, you deserve the best possible legal representation.  At the Law Offices of David W. Knecht, our mission is to fight get you the best possible result.  Our unique background and experience  has prepared us to provide excellent legal representation.  Mr. Knecht’s prior career as a police officer and detective gives him an advantage when preparing his client’s defense, as he is able to identify failures in the police investigation.

Theft and Fraud  

Theft and fraud cases all allege the same basic thing:  the defendant took something that wasn’t his or hers to take.  From shoplifting to embezzlement, the State must prove that the defendant knowingly took something of value from another person or entity.   Mr. Knecht has represented clients accused of identity theft, possession of stolen property, fraudulent use of credit cards, grand theft, petty theft, auto theft, embezzlement, and more.  Mr. Knecht investigated hundreds of cases involving theft and fraud as a police officer and detective.

Assault and Battery

The common element in all assault-type crimes is the use of force against another person.  Mr. Knecht has represented criminal defendants in cases alleging assault with a deadly weapon, assaults and batteries causing great bodily injury, simple misdemeanor assaults and batteries, shooting a firearm at a dwelling, robbery (also a theft-type crime), domestic violence, and more.  As a detective, Mr. Knecht investigated homicides, officer involved shootings, and in-custody deaths. 

Drug Offenses

Cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and even prescription drugs can form the basis of an allegation of illegal drug possession or sales.  Mr. Knecht has represented clients on possession for sales of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and prescription drugs as well as straight possession of those drugs.  As a police officer, Mr. Knecht was involved in the investigation of many drug sales cases and seizures of large amounts of illegal drugs.  His experience helps him in preparing defenses in his clients’ cases.

Sex Offenses

Mr. Knecht investigated child and adult sexual assault cases for many years as a police detective.  His insight into the investigation of those offenses has helped his clients prepare cases for trial, leading to reduced and dismissed charges.  These offenses can carry lengthy prison terms and Megan’s Law registration requirements.   Hence the importance of hiring an attorney with experience in these difficult cases.

Other Crimes

There are too many individual crimes to list here, but Mr. Knecht has broad experience in all types of criminal cases.  (See the results for examples).  Among other crimes, Mr. Knecht has represented clients in cases alleging hit and run driving, possession of a methamphetamine pipe, disturbing the peace, lewd conduct with a minor, armed robbery, possession of an assault rifle, indecent exposure, possession of a loaded gun, domestic violence, and more.

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