DUI Case Analysis

Every DUI case is different.

Completely understanding your case is a necessary first step in preparing your defense. At Law Office of David W. Knecht, we will take the time with you to truly understand your unique situation. Our meetings with you will focus on several important areas: Your background, the events leading up to the police stop, the police stop itself, pre-arrest police investigation, the arrest, and chemical testing.


Your background
Your body is unique. You may have past or present injuries, illnesses, disease, congenital abnormalities, or other physical limitations that affect the way you drive, respond to police questioning, and perform on field sobriety tests. Understanding who you are will help us prepare your defense.


The events leading to the stop
Where were you in the hours, and even days, leading up to your arrest for DUI? Were you exposed to medications or chemicals that might impact chemical testing? Who were you with? Where? Where were you driving to and why? Was this car new to you or malfunctioning? Did you have any alcohol to drink? When, how much, what kind, and over what period of time? When was your first drink? Your last? Even small, seemingly insignificant details may provide crucial evidence in your case.


The police stop
Does the police report accurately describe your driving? When did you first notice police? How many police cars and officers? What did the police leave out of their report? How long did police follow you before they stopped you? Who else was in your car? Had they been drinking? Was there alcohol in the car? We will scrutinize your case looking for illegal police actions, inadequate investigation, and inaccurate reporting.


Pre-arrest police investigation
Did the police order you out of your car? Talk to you while you were in your car? Ask you questions about your background, alcohol consumption, and driving? What were your responses? Did the police ask you to perform tests? Which ones? What were the police instructions? What were the conditions concerning the lighting, pavement, and weather? Did you give an in-field breath test? How was the test performed? Did police search your car? Your person? How did you do on the tests?


The Arrest
Did the officer tell you that you were under arrest? At what point? Were you handcuffed? When? Did police search you? When? Did you sit in a patrol car? When? Were you taken to a police station or jail? The police are limited by law in what they can do and when, and the case may be dismissed when the police violate your rights.


Chemical testing
Did police ask or tell you to take a breath or blood test? Did they give you a choice? Where did the test take place? When? Did police observe you prior to a breath test? For how long? What happened during the observation period? How was the test conducted? By whom?


 A thorough understanding of your situation will provide us with the information we need to develop a strategy in your case.