Juvenile Law

Minors under the age of 18 and accused of a crime are often forced into Juvenile Court for further proceedings.  The rules in Juvenile Court are quite different than in Adult Court, and an attorney experienced in practicing Juvenile Law is essential. 

Mr. Knecht has extensive experience practicing in the Juvenile Courts, and has an impressive record of success ranging from dismissals of entire cases to acquittals at trial.  Important areas of Juvenile Law practice include:

  • Detention hearings.  Your son or daughter may be ordered to remain in juvenile hall pending the outcome of the case.  Mr. Knecht will work to keep your child out of custody while the case is pending.
  • Negotiated dispositions.  In Juvenile Court, there are many options that will keep your child from having a record or from being made a ward of the court.
  • Preparing for trial (“Jurisdiction Hearings”).  Cases go much quicker in Juvenile Court, especially if your child is in custody at juvenile hall.  Mr. Knecht is experienced at preparing cases to defend your child at trial.
  • Sentencing (“Disposition”) hearings.  There are many sentencing options available to the Juvenile Court if your child is found guilty or enters a negotiated plea.  Mr. Knecht is prepared to argue for your child to remain out of custody or to receive appropriate counseling as necessary.

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