What makes a great 2020 Vacaville Lawyer

When you are going through a divorce, or any difficult legal manner, it always pays to hire a good lawyer. How do you know what makes a good lawyer? It is important to meet with multiple lawyers to find the one that you get along with, listens to your concerns, and will do their best to handle your case in the right way. Now that 2020 is upon us, how do you know if you have hired a Vacaville attorney that will be updated with the latest laws and changes?

In a difficult and confusing time, it pays to hire someone with plenty of experience handling similar cases. Far too often people hire the first lawyer they meet with, and this can easily land them in a bad situation. Some people end up losing custody of their children, others end up losing assets like their home, retirement accounts, or more. So what makes a good Vacaville lawyer? Here are some things you need to look for as you meet with different lawyers.

Passion for the Job

A good lawyer loves what they do. Upon meeting with the lawyer, you can find out quickly how they feel about their job and their career. Successful lawyers have a passion for the job and they enjoy helping people. Does the lawyer seem excited and ready to help.


A lawyer will have compassion for their clients, and they will be able to do all they can to help. When you explain your case and your situation, does the attorney seem like they are willing and ready to help? Do they feel compassion for you, and want to do what they can to provide you with sound advice?

Excellent Communication

Lawyers need to be excellent communicators. Not only does the attorney need to be able to talk to you directly, they need to have excellent communication when it comes to working with the other lawyers, and communicating with the court. Failure to meet a deadline can set your case back several months, or could cost you a lot of money. Through effective discussions, lawyers will be able to communicate their ideas in the right way.

Listening Skills

The lawyer not only needs to be able to communicate well, they need to listen. Strong listening skills are necessary as they will need to be able to understand your side of the case, and do their best to construct a clear strategy. You can find out almost immediately if the attorney listens by their body language with you during the consultation.

Experience and Education

It pays to hire a lawyer with plenty of experience and expertise in their industry. Hiring the wrong person can lead to disaster, and could string out your case for months or years. Look around for a lawyer who has the education needed, but experience with cases similar to yours. Great lawyers know their area of the law well, and they are effective in the courtroom.

Use these tips to help you find a quality Vacaville lawyer. Contact David Knecht today to schedule a consultation and find out how we will work hard for your legal rights!