5 Character Traits All Good Family Attorneys Possess

With over 1.34 million attorneys practicing in the United States today, how can you be sure you have selected the best person for your case? Is it the intelligence of the attorney, their experience, or their personality? While there are core elements every attorney must have, there are some elements that people might overlook that could truly help them identify the good attorneys from the lackluster ones. Here are five traits that a good family attorney will possess.


Compassion and Understanding

Going into any family law case is going to be emotional, so you need a person that understands this mentality. The goal of a good family law attorney is to aid in resolving the problem effectively and in the best interest for their client and family. At David Knecht Law, we often deal with cases that are sensitive in nature, and we always approach each case with compassion for the situation and understanding the best way we can handle the case. We want to gain your perspective and help you to see the full picture of how the legal matters will play out.


Excellent Listening Skills

Another key element to being a good family attorney is to learn to listen. Effective communication is vital to a client/attorney relationship. We not only listen to our clients, we listen to everything pertaining to your case and strategizing how we can work in your best interest.


Integrity and Assertiveness

As an attorney, having integrity is vital. The legal world can become quite confusing and manipulative without the right person. Integrity is something we take seriously in our practice and are assertive in the courtroom to ensure the other party is approaching the case with integrity. Good attorneys are upfront with you about your case, and where your case may have some areas of weakness, and strength.


Patience and Perseverance

One of the most common questions people want to know is “How long will my divorce take?” Unfortunately determining how long a case will take is all up to the nature of the case. Does the other party want to move things along swiftly and amicably? If so, your ability for the divorce to be over quickly won’t take long. However, there are so many issues in family law cases that it can often end up being years before a case is completed. Going through a divorce is going to be emotional, you need an attorney that is patient and able to remain calm and professional throughout the case.


Experience and Skills

A good attorney is one that will be able to bring their skills into the courtroom. Review case results to find out what type of track record the attorney has, and if they have dealt with cases similar to yours in the past.

If you need a family law attorney in Vacaville, CA, contact the law offices of David Knecht today. Our experienced team is here to help you navigate your family law case with confidence and security.