7 Reasons Why You Need a Vacaville Estate Attorney

Are you considering preparing a legal will soon? As many new people are entering the
workforce, middle-age workers are finding it is time to consider their future. Planning a will is
one of the most important things you can do as you take a proactive approach to future
planning. A good will and estate attorney will have the experience needed to help you draft and
prepare a legal will that gives you and your loved one’s peace of mind for any situation. Here
are 7 reasons why you need a Vacaville estate attorney:

1. Build a technical and specific will
2. Low cost to draft a legal will
3. Legal updates to the will as needed
4. Experienced attorney handling the drafting of the will
5. Prevention of mistakes that could cause problems in the future
6. Ensure assets are protected in distribution
7. Your wishes will be honored

Building a technical and specific will

When it comes to hiring someone to help with your will and estate plan, you need to find
someone with experience. A good attorney will help to draft a plan that you are comfortable
with as it meets your existing lifestyle needs and possible future updates.

Low cost to draft a legal will

Some people will try and say a legal will is expensive, when in fact, it is not. It is wise to work
with an attorney to ensure your legal will is well-documented and accurate. Unlike what you
may have heard, it is not as expensive as most people claim when you hire an attorney for a
legal will. Attorney fees vary, so it is wise to have everything together prior to calling some
Vacaville attorneys.

Legal updates to the will

Throughout your life you will have different changes and updates. It is important to have an
attorney on your side to provide assistance when you have legal updates that need to be done.
Circumstances change hire someone who will help!

Experienced attorney

As the law is always changing, it is important to know that you need someone who understands
these changes! An experienced attorney is the best way to ensure your will is accurate and will
be honored per your wishes after your death.

Prevention of mistakes

An attorney will review the will to ensure it is going to hold up and it is accurate. A will can be
written quickly, and people that do them online often make several mistakes and forget things
to do. Everyone has different circumstances and changes, so it pays to make sure you have an
attorney to double check the will and ensure those mistakes do not happen!

Assets are protected in distribution

Another vital reason to hire an attorney is to ensure your assets are protected. We all have the
need to ensure our legal rights are protected and everything is distributed as you planned, not
as the courts tear apart.

Wishes will be honored

When you are planning your will and estate, you deserve to have peace of mind that your legal
rights are protected. A solid living will ensure this will happen if it is drafted in the appropriate manner. Call David Knecht Law Firm in Vacaville to ensure your wishes will be honored!

The Importance of Probate Attorneys and Real Estate

The probate process is time-confusing, stressful, and often overwhelming for many people.
Working with the right probate attorneys can make a world of difference pertaining to your
case. If real estate is involved, it helps to have access to a real estate agent with experience in
estate property listings. The agent will work closely with the attorney to ensure the listing is in
order and the paperwork is accurate and correct. What most people do not realize is how thigs
are filed when a loved one dies. Who files the death certificate? Does anyone check on liens on
the property? All of these things are normally discussed and reviewed with a good attorney
prior to moving forward with the sale of property. Here are some things to know when you
want to sell property as part of the estate.

All the heirs need to agree

One of the biggest frustrations we run into is families that do not get along and disagree about
the sale of the property. A good attorney will see the situation for what it is and will make sure
all the siblings are informed and on the same page. It is imperative that everyone has their legal
rights protected, even when dealing with delicate situations.

Getting started

If you are all in agreeance of the property being sold, we recommend you start by having a
professional company come out and properly clean the home prior to it being listed. A lot of
families want to sell the homes as-is so they don’t have to deal with the pain of sifting through
the assets and memories left behind in the home. Contact your attorney and ask for help! Our
job is to help make this process easier and we do have connections and people we can
recommend in these times.

Probate attorneys are here to help

Probate can last several years; it depends on the value of the estate and some additional
factors. It is important to have an attorney working with you who understands the importance
of honoring everyone’s wishes as much as possible. A probate attorney has a special role as
they work with the executor of an estate to make sure everything goes off properly. Are the
taxes paid? Are there outstanding debts? Are there concerns with distribution of assets?
David Knecht Law has been proudly serving Vacaville and surrounding communities. Our goal
has always been to help serve the people. We focus on making sure your wills and estate plans
are laid out according to your wishes. Our experts work hard to make sure family members are
able to come to mutual agreements when there is a tense situation about probate. We are here
to help! Contact our office today to discuss your probate needs, 707.451.4502!

Why You Need to Hire a Skilled Vacaville DUI Attorney

One of the most challenging things to face in a courtroom is a DUI charge. Why? In California,
and many other states in the nation, a DUI is a serious charge. Often the individuals face years
in prison and expensive fines. Hiring a Vacaville DUI attorney can assist in reducing the charges,
and decreasing the risk of imprisonment, and more. Dealing with the law is challenging, trust an
expert attorney to take on this case for you! There are multiple things that go into
consideration with a DUI charge:
 Blood-alcohol concentration
 Criminal history
 Whether there was an accident or an injury

Hire an Attorney for a DUI Plea Bargain

An attorney can work out a DUI plea bargain for certain cases. Trials are time-consuming, and
expensive and most attorneys work hard to keep your case from heading to court. A good DUI
attorney will already have experience with the prosecution, so they know if it is possible to
work out a good plea bargain. Prosecutors with weak cases often try to embellish information
to try and induce a guilty plea. A good attorney will be able to read between the lines and know
if they have a good case against you or not.
A plea bargain will normally consist of having a “wet reckless” charge, which is a lesser charge.
This charge acknowledges there was an impairment, but it is a lighter sentence than a DUI, and
does not include jail time. However, your driver’s license will be suspended if you have a BAC
level high than .08 percent. If you are being charged with a second offense, your wet reckless
prior charge can end up being considered a prior DUI offense.

Attorneys Help In Reducing Your Sentence

The courts can work to bargain down a DUI sentence for a guilty plea exchange. If this is a
second or third DUI, there is concern over prison time that could last several months, or
possibly years. The prosecution can work with an attorney to reduce the amount of time
needing to be served in prison in exchange for a guilty plea. When there are drugs and other
things present, the charges could be even higher. Trust an attorney to assist with a case in this
manner as most of them already have the experience dealing with negotiations, but also have
the relationships needed to deal with various prosecutors in the Vacaville area.

Hire a California DUI Attorney

As some people know, the DUI laws in California are different from other states. If you have
been arrested and charged with a DUI in California, it is vital to hire an experienced attorney
who has practiced DUI law here. Failure to have state experience could leave someone
vulnerable to opening the case up to the prosecution, preventing the defendant from receiving
a fair sentence.
A DUI charge is one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. It pays to hire
someone you know is capable of handling cases similar to yours. Contact the Law Offices of
David Knecht in Vacaville to work with an experienced, trustworthy DUI attorney.

6 Reasons to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody agreements are designed to be in the best interest of the child, and their parents.
The agreements are normally designed to show each parent what their responsibilities will be
pertaining to the raising of the child or children. Child custody lawyers are normally hired when
the parents are unable to come to an agreement on their own. Moving into legal proceedings
with a third-party helps to move the case along faster and helps to ensure both parties get to
an agreement. What happens if you do not have a lawyer? You could end up with less custody
than you determine is fair, or you could end up paying more or less in child support. Always
consult with a child custody lawyer prior to responding to anything related to your case. Here
are 6 reasons why it pays to hire a child custody lawyer:
1. Protect your children
2. Lawyers have experience with family law
3. Experience with the judge in local cases
4. Negotiation experience
5. Ability to set up a fair child custody agreement
6. Prevent unfair bias or practice

Protect Your Children

The number one reason to hire a lawyer is to protect your children. Placing your children’s
interest first should be the top priority as typically both parents want to provide their children
with the best upbringing for them. A good lawyer will review your case, discuss the overall
situation, and will focus on what is best for the children. A good lawyer knows how disruptive
the case can be, which is why they focus to take on the stress you are feeling in relation to the
custody case. You deserve to have someone fight for your rights and be on your side, and a
good lawyer is here to help.

Experience with Family Law

A good family lawyer will be able to handle any issues that come with the case. There will be
hiccups along the way. You need to hire someone you know you can trust to have your best
interests in mind. A good lawyer knows what type of strategies other lawyers will take in
custody cases, making it easier for them to have the right counter arguments prepared.
Complex cases need the help from a good lawyer. Do yourself a favor and hire a custody lawyer
in Vacaville to handle your case.

Experience with Judge

Depending upon your case, the judge may be the person that holds the most important aspects
of making a ruling. A good lawyer knows when a case goes to court with a judge, you are facing
a tougher situation. If the lawyer has prior experience in the family law courtroom, they likely
have relationships with the judges in the region and know what type of counterarguments and
agreements to push.

Negotiation Experience

Less than 5% of custody cases head all the way to the courtroom in front of a judge. Why? Good
lawyers who know proper negotiation skills are one of the reasons! In many cases, the parents
are willing to work together for the sake of their children, allowing for an agreement to be
made outside of the courtroom.

Fair Child Custody Agreement

Lawyers will fight for your rights, and for the rights of your children. The goal is to make the
best arrangement possible for the children. When you hire the right lawyer, it will ensure that
you are being protected with a fair child custody agreement for both you and the children.
Prevent Unfair Practice or Bias
A good lawyer works on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected. If you do not have a
good lawyer helping with your case, you may find yourself dealing with your ex-spouse’s lawyer
and they are pushing to make you pay more in child support and lose child custody. It pays to
have someone on your side who knows family law and wants to fight on your behalf. Contact
David Knecht Law today to discuss your child custody case.

What Makes a California Lawyer You Can Trust

At David Knecht Law, we focus on providing our clients with honest and reliable legal services. Whether you are in need of a lawyer for family law or a lawyer for estate planning, our experts are here to help. We are one of the leading law firms in the Vacaville area. Our experts are here to guide you through your legal case, ensuring you have the right team on your side to provide you with sound advice. When you are facing any legal case, it is important to do your research and find a lawyer who will focus on offering a number of options, while encouraging you with your endeavors. Here are four things you need to consider as you seek out legal experts.

Lawyer Experience and Expertise

One of the things you need to discuss with the lawyer is the amount of experience they have with cases similar to yours. While some lawyers have experience in multiple facets of family law, do all of them have experience with difficult divorce cases? Do they have experience in the courtroom with cases like yours? How about cases dealing with child custody issues? It is vital to spend time looking for someone who has dealt with cases like yours, and has had successful outcomes.

Communication Skills

Another thing to look for with legal cases is to focus on an attorney with excellent communication skills. If you have someone that doesn’t do well in handling communication via email, phone, or text, you may want to consider a different lawyer. It pays to hire someone you know will answer your calls and will be diligent in replying to you. If the lawyer doesn’t respond in a timely manner, it can lead to frustration and a general wondering of what is happening. Some law firms have legal assistants who will focus on replying to general inquiries and making sure their clients are in the know.

Discuss Legal Fees

The legal fees of the law firm are another important element to consider as you look at your options. Some law firms will charge for each email, text message, and phone call. Other law firms do a flat rate fee. It all depends on your case, and what you need from the law firm. Typically law offices will have you come in for a free consultation about your case, and will determine the fee amount based on the potential outcomes of your case.

Look at Client Reviews

Another way to know you have a good lawyer is to look at their client reviews. What are people saying about them? How well have they worked for other clients in the past? It is important to look into online reviews, and ask around to hear word of mouth and find out what people think about them in the area. Check with the California Bar Association as they too have information about the attorney and their win-loss record along with client reviews.

Consult with several attorneys before you hire someone to represent you. Failure to find the right lawyer can leave you in a difficult situation. It pays to work with experienced, trustworthy professionals who always put you first. Contact the Law Offices of David Knecht today to schedule a consultation.


What makes a great 2020 Vacaville Lawyer

When you are going through a divorce, or any difficult legal manner, it always pays to hire a good lawyer. How do you know what makes a good lawyer? It is important to meet with multiple lawyers to find the one that you get along with, listens to your concerns, and will do their best to handle your case in the right way. Now that 2020 is upon us, how do you know if you have hired a Vacaville attorney that will be updated with the latest laws and changes?

In a difficult and confusing time, it pays to hire someone with plenty of experience handling similar cases. Far too often people hire the first lawyer they meet with, and this can easily land them in a bad situation. Some people end up losing custody of their children, others end up losing assets like their home, retirement accounts, or more. So what makes a good Vacaville lawyer? Here are some things you need to look for as you meet with different lawyers.

Passion for the Job

A good lawyer loves what they do. Upon meeting with the lawyer, you can find out quickly how they feel about their job and their career. Successful lawyers have a passion for the job and they enjoy helping people. Does the lawyer seem excited and ready to help.


A lawyer will have compassion for their clients, and they will be able to do all they can to help. When you explain your case and your situation, does the attorney seem like they are willing and ready to help? Do they feel compassion for you, and want to do what they can to provide you with sound advice?

Excellent Communication

Lawyers need to be excellent communicators. Not only does the attorney need to be able to talk to you directly, they need to have excellent communication when it comes to working with the other lawyers, and communicating with the court. Failure to meet a deadline can set your case back several months, or could cost you a lot of money. Through effective discussions, lawyers will be able to communicate their ideas in the right way.

Listening Skills

The lawyer not only needs to be able to communicate well, they need to listen. Strong listening skills are necessary as they will need to be able to understand your side of the case, and do their best to construct a clear strategy. You can find out almost immediately if the attorney listens by their body language with you during the consultation.

Experience and Education

It pays to hire a lawyer with plenty of experience and expertise in their industry. Hiring the wrong person can lead to disaster, and could string out your case for months or years. Look around for a lawyer who has the education needed, but experience with cases similar to yours. Great lawyers know their area of the law well, and they are effective in the courtroom.

Use these tips to help you find a quality Vacaville lawyer. Contact David Knecht today to schedule a consultation and find out how we will work hard for your legal rights!




3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Hiring My Fairfield Divorce Lawyer 

Hiring someone to represent you in a divorce case can be challenging. The lawyer you hire will need to know personal details about your life, including information about your assets, finances, and children. Failure to hire the right person can land you into a frustrating future as you deal with expensive payments, less time with your children, and other difficulties. Here are 3 things you should look for when hiring a trustworthy divorce lawyer.

How Many Cases Have Gone to Trial?

When you meet with a lawyer, ask them about the percentage of cases they have that have gone to trial. Most people are able to come to an agreement out of court, but there are rare cases that do go to trial. In actuality, 1-2% of divorce cases go to trial. It is important to discuss this information with your attorney.

If you know you will be dealing with a complex case, you do need to be aware of the way the court will run. When you have a trial date, you want to know you have a trusted attorney on your side. How much experience do they have in cases similar to yours? Having an attorney with years of experience in needed when it comes to many difficult divorce cases. Contact David Knecht Law Firm today to discuss your divorce case. Our lawyers all have years of experience in family law with an emphasis in divorce.

Who Will Handle my Case?

Family law is an extremely personal and painful process for many people. There are some lawyers who outsource the majority of the work to new attorneys in the office, or even to the paralegals. It is important to know who will be working on your case and making sure you are working with the person that will handle your case directly.

State your case to the lawyer so they know how important it is to you to have contact with them directly. A good office will focus on making sure you have updates related to your case, and to make sure you are in touch with your lawyer frequently.

How Will the Billing Work?

Part of working with an attorney also comes down to understanding how the billing it set up. What are the details of billing? Will you be charged a retainer and how much will it cost when there are additional complexities added to your case? Some law firms have different billing rates when it comes to support staff. Filing fees and other court costs can be associated with a complex divorce case. Talk to your attorney about these costs as it is important to be aware of what you will be financially responsible for with your divorce case.

Divorce is a challenging time for everyone. It pays to hire the right lawyer to represent you and make sure you are properly taken care of during this time. Contact David Knecht Law in Vacaville today to schedule a consultation.

4 Reasons David Knecht is The Right Vacaville Family Attorney

When it comes to finding the right Vacaville attorney, it is vital to go beyond a Google search to identify the right person. Hiring an attorney to represent your legal rights is one of the most important decisions you will make. Family law matters require a person you can trust, and one that will have your best interest in mind when representing you. Here are four reasons why David Knecht is the Vacaville attorney you need to represent your legal rights:

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Experience and Expertise
  3. Ethics
  4. Fees

Effective Communication with an Attorney

One of the main signs of a good attorney is one who always returns your phone calls and focuses on making sure you are in the loop. Communication problems are one of the biggest issues people cite when working with attorneys. With over three decades of family law experience, David Knecht knows how vital it is to keep the lines of communication open with clients. A good attorney will provide information about case progress. Here are some things to discuss when you meet with various attorneys:

  • What legal options available for my case?
  • What should the strategy be to approach my case?
  • What is the timeline to move forward?
  • How often will you communicate with me?
  • What type of communication methods are available and when can I expect updates on my case?

While it is expected for an attorney to be busy, it is important to know that most attorneys have several people working with them and part of their role is to assist in case updates.

Experience and Expertise in Family Law

Hiring an ethical attorney is vital to your case! In 2019 alone, there were 300,000 family law petitions filed in the state of California. With family law being filled with a variety of different attorneys, how do you know you have chosen the right one?

A good attorney will have years of experience handling similar cases to yours. Family law is a complex matter. Seek out a lawyer with a skillset in your particular area. For some people, this means looking for an attorney who not only specializes in divorce cases, but also handles child custody. List out your needs to make it easier to find the right attorney for your needs.

One simple mistake such as failing to file a lawsuit on time can derail your entire case. Do yourself a favor and meet with multiple attorneys so you can be sure you have chosen someone you know you can trust.

Finding an Ethical Family Law Attorney in Vacaville

Going along with experience and expertise, you need to seek out the attorney you know will represent you ethically. David Knecht has built his firm on the foundation of trust and ethics. We don’t use improper tactics to try and win a case. We work directly with our clients to ensure we are putting together an ethical case with your best interests in mind. Some additional elements to consider about your attorney include:

  • Ability to maintain client confidence
  • Represent clients with undivided loyalty
  • Represent clients within the bounds of the law
  • Place client interests above their own

California has a disciplinary agency to ensure all attorneys are meeting the correct standards. A good attorney won’t be found on this site as they are always making sure they are practicing within the correct parameters of the law.

Read through our testimonials to learn for yourself how David Knecht maintains high client-attorney trust. We are proud to provide honest and fair family law services for Vacaville and surrounding communities.

Fair Legal Fees

When you are dealing with family law, you should always be able to understand the legal fees. When you hire an attorney, be upfront with them about your case and what you are expecting. Some of the common complaints people have about legal matters include:

  • Expensive bills
  • Bills are not itemized
  • Feeling that attorney is being paid too much for an inadequate job
  • Feeling that the paralegals did more work than the attorney
  • Nickel and diming the bill for every text message, short phone call, and other contact with the attorney or paralegals

As we have been in family law for many years, we know how infuriating it is for a client to have a large bill with no clarification or knowledge about the bill. We always discuss our legal fees with you directly so you know what to expect. In California, a written retainer is required in order to make sure all clients have a written retainer that discloses the billing system and charges. We show how you will be billed, itemize the statement, and make sure clients understand all charges. If you ever have a question pertaining to legal fees, please contact us directly at 707-451-4502.

The Law Offices of David Knecht is dedicated to providing you with the best family law services in the state. We are proud of our reputation, and always put our clients’ needs first. Contact our office to schedule a consultation or contact our office today at 707-451-4502!

How to Find The Right Vacaville Divorce Attorney

Hiring an attorney can be one of the most stressful decisions you need to make. It pays to do some research to find someone that you can trust and will be able to help you win your case. Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it seems. With over 165,000 California attorneys currently in practice, how do you find the right one? Here are some tips to follow that will help you find the right Vacaville divorce attorney.

Tip # 1 – Experience

A family law case is not always the easiest thing to handle as there is a lot of emotion with the case. A good attorney will have experience in handling a number of divorce cases similar to yours, and their goal is to handle your case with compassion, empathy, and understanding. Since the judges can change their minds quickly, it pays to hire an attorney who has dealt with the judges in the past. Having experience in the courtroom and with the judge can make a difference in how well your case is handled.

Tip # 2 – Attention and Communication

A good attorney will give you the attention you deserve. Hire someone who returns your phone calls and emails. A good attorney will make you a priority, and they will want to do whatever they can to help you stay connected. A good attorney will be prompt in returning phone calls and emails and showing you that they do have your best interests at heart.

When you meet with the attorney, pay attention to how they talk to you. Do they give you eye contact? Does the attorney seem distracted when they are talking? Are they always playing on their phone when you are talking? Eye contact is critical as it shows they are paying attention and have a vested interest in helping you.

Tip # 3 – Deadlines

When it comes to divorce, you will have multiple deadlines for paperwork and other filings. A quality attorney will not miss a deadline. One of the biggest red flags is when you have an attorney who misses a deadline. Missing a court filing deadline can hurt the outcome of your case, and ultimately hurt your future.

Tip # 4 – Clear Billing Practices

Getting divorced is an expensive process, so it pays to hire someone who is clear with their billing practices. Family law is a specialized field, so it is common for some of the attorneys out there to hike up their rates and promise large victories. A good attorney will never guarantee a win, they will be cautiously optimistic when it comes to “predicting” a case. An attorney will be clear about their billing practices and will let you know what you will be charged for, and if there will be additional costs. There are fees that can occur later on, but a good attorney will make sure to bring up this information ahead of time, so you are aware. Trust is critical when it comes to family law matters and a good attorney knows the importance of transparency.

Tip # 5 – Questions

A good family law attorney will give you answers to your questions. Before you hire the attorney, come prepared with a list of questions. Most attorneys will give you a free initial consultation, which is the time you want to start asking questions. Take notes during the consultation and write down personality traits of the attorney. You need to hire someone you can connect with, and make sure you have someone that you can trust.

Contact the Law Offices of David Knecht if you want to hire the best Vacaville divorce attorney. Our experts specialize in divorce, child custody, domestic violence, child abuse cases, and more. We have the experience and expertise you need to move forward with your divorce case.

3 Most Important Things to Avoid After Being Charged with DUI

Drunk driving continues to be one of the most serious crimes in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about 1.5 million people are arrested yearly for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. First-time offenders are not always prepared to handle the legalities that start when they have been charged with a DUI. Hiring a good attorney is one of the most important things you can do as you navigate the next steps to take.

Not Contacting a DUI Attorney

Many people aren’t sure what they should and should not do following a DUI charge. In some states, you can make your situation worse by doing the breathalyzer test or volunteering information to law enforcement. An attorney will be able to help you understand what you should and should not do so you don’t make the charges worse. DUI laws are complex and do require in-depth knowledge of the legal system.

An experienced and skilled DUI attorney will have experience with cases similar to yours and will be able to create a case strategy that provides a favorable outcome. The judges are another thing to consider as some are tougher on different types of DUI cases, so you do want an attorney who has dealt with the judges previously. The right attorney knows how to effectively present the information to the court in a way the judge prefers. Always make sure you are protected and do yourself a favor and hire an experienced DUI attorney.

Social Media

After you have been charged with a DUI, avoid social media. Make sure you have set your social media account to private so the information on your accounts cannot be used against you. Unfortunately, many people make their situation worse with pictures and postings showing you with drugs or alcohol on the night of the arrest. Prosecutors often use social media accounts and pull the incriminating photos to use against you in court. Not only do the images on the account hurt your case, they can also damage your reputation. Even if you are innocent, photographs and posts are not the information you need circulating about you. Do yourself a favor and avoid social media in the wake of a DUI arrest and do not post anything!

Acting Nonchalant

Following a DUI arrest, you need to take the situation seriously. Unfortunately, too many people act nonchalant after the arrest and assume their attorney will swoop in and take care of everything. If you haven’t taken a moment to write down everything that has occurred, you can make your attorney’s job extremely difficult to negotiate the best deal possible. Here are some things you need to work on following a DUI stop:

  • When and where were you when you were stopped?
  • Why did the officer stop you?
  • Did you take a breath test? What did the device look like?
  • Did you tell the officer anything about what you ate or drank?
  • What tests did the officer do in addition to the breath test? Did you do a eye tracking test, talk and turn, and one leg stand?

Taking a few minutes to go over everything and writing it down can help your attorney work on your case. The Law Offices of David Knecht Law in Vacaville has been working in DUI law for over three decades. Our experts are here to help. Contact our office for a consultation.