Fairfield Lawyer

David Knecht Appreciates Clients from Fairfield

David Knecht appreciates clients from Fairfield and recognizes what a unique location Fairfield has since it is almost exactly midway between San Francisco and Sacramento.  An interesting historical fact about Fairfield is that the town was laid out by a ship captain, Robert H. Waterman, in 1856. He named Fairfield after his hometown in Connecticut.  Thanks, Captain Waterman, for giving Fairfield a great name and a sister city on the East Coast! Some reports indicate that Fairfield gets more than 300 days of sunshine per year, and David Knecht enjoys working where the climate is great and the people are even greater.  

David Knecht is an Experienced Criminal Law Attorney

According to neighborhoodscout.com, Fairfield has an overall crime rate of 17 per 1,000 residents, wo the it is near the average of cities of its size in America.  David Knecht is experienced representing clients accused of any crime: theft, assault, possession, and the list goes on. His practice over the years has included thousands of DUI cases. Don’t give up on yourself just because you are charged with a DUI. You are presumed innocent, and David Knecht has the experience and temperament to fight for you. There may be defenses about the stop, about the tests, and about the timing just to name a few that you have not considered. Choose David Knecht for vigorous and intelligent representation on your DUI charge.

David Knecht is a Family Law Attorney Who Cares

Census.gov reports that Fairfield has about 12% of persons in poverty.  Nobody wants to be part of that statistic, but yet divorce can be a contributing factor in plunging an otherwise middleclass family into poverty. David Knecht is a family law attorney who cares:  He cares about your career. He cares about your assets. He cares about your children. David Knecht will take the time to understand how your family ticks and where the money flows so that you will get the best outcome in a divorce proceeding.  

David Knecht Understands the Intricacies of Estate Planning

Estate planning is not simple, but it’s important.  There may be tax implications involved with Wills and Living Trusts. There are moral implications involved with Advanced Healthcare Directives.  There are risk and power implications involved with Durable Powers of Attorney. These matters and important and far from simple. You need an attorney who can explain the options to you and achieve your estate planning goals. David Knecht has the knowledge and experience to guide you in effective planning for the future.