Vacaville Divorce Attorney

When most people get married or enter into a domestic partnership they have every intention of staying together forever. Unfortunately, happily ever after doesn’t always happen, and one or both people in the relationship seek to get a divorce. While divorce can be difficult, it can be less painful when both people agree to the terms of the divorce. If they don’t agree, it doesn’t mean the divorce can’t happen. Since California is a “no fault” state, a Vacaville divorce attorney can still help you proceed with a divorce even if your spouse or domestic partner is not totally agreeable to the idea.

The “No Fault” provision in a California divorce simply means that the divorce does not have to mean that one spouse did something wrong. The couple cites “irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. When there are no major financial or custodial disputes, a divorce can often be pretty straightforward. Domestic partnership divorces carry additional tax concerns because the Federal government sees this type of marriage and divorce differently than opposite sex marriages.

There are times, however, when couples disagree on more than they thought they would. Whether or not alimony should be paid, how much, and for how long can be a real point of contention for couples. Child custody agreements and support payments cause frequent disputes. The courts will ultimately decide custody based on what they believe is best for the children concerned, so it is important to work with a Vacaville divorce lawyer that you feel comfortable with and who you believe is capable of presenting you in your best light.

While many people think of property as “just stuff” deciding how to divide it fairly in a divorce can be difficult. Couples don’t just own the things they have together, they also share responsibility for their debts. Pets are also legally considered property, regardless of how much they feel like part of the family. When there is a pending bankruptcy or foreclosure in the works the math becomes even more complex.

In most cases, beginning a marriage is not a decision made in haste, and choosing to end a marriage through divorce or trying a legal separation is also not something to be taken lightly. However, if a divorce does start to become more than a passing thought, talking to a Vacaville divorce attorney is a good idea. An attorney can help you determine what your rights are so you know what steps will be necessary should you decide to proceed with a divorce.