Vacaville Divorce Attorney

No one wants to talk with an attorney about divorce. But divorce is hard, and you will need help. Deciding whether and when to end the marriage is complicated. What will happen with the children? How will I manage, financially? Will we sell the house, or will one of us keep it? Who pays the bills? Will I pay or receive spousal support? Child Support? How will our retirement savings and pensions be split? And so many more questions and issues that must be resolved.

We can help.

We will sit down with you and talk through all of the issues. You may need immediate temporary orders for support, child custody and visitation, for use of the family home, or for bill pay. Is there domestic violence involved? You may need to request, or respond to a request, for a domestic violence protection order. We will help you develop a plan to address each issue, and we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Don’t wait to ask for help.

Some things are time sensitive, and we will need to get started on them right away. We have the skill and experience to navigate the divorce process with you, and lead you to the best possible results. We will give you excellent legal advice, vigorously defend you, and use the law and courts to enforce your legal rights.

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