Vacaville Lawyer

David Knecht Welcomes Clients from Vacaville

David Knecht enjoys representing clients in Vacaville. A few interesting facts about Vacaville:  the city gets its name from Juan Manual Vaca, who arrived in the area from New Mexico in the 1840’s.  Electric cars are popular in Vacaville and some internet sites even boast that Vacaville has the highest number of electric cars per capita! Visitors to Vacaville enjoy the annual Vacaville fiesta days, which includes a number of festivities. The Nut Tree is also a popular spot for visitors, and it has numerous restaurants, stores, etc.  

David Knecht is an Experienced Criminal Law Attorney

Vacaville houses two state prisons:  the California State Prison, Solano and the California Medical Prison. David Knecht is an experienced criminal law attorney, who is confident in representing serious cases. He was a police officer and detective for over a decade prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, so he understands the system inside and out. He represents hundreds of criminal defendants each year, so he is current and well versed in the best defenses. He will work harder and smarter to get good results.

David Knecht is a Seasoned Family Law Attorney

The Vacaville median household income is reported to be in the ballpark of $75,000 a year.  Money matters to families and its especially important when children are involved. David Knecht is a seasoned family law attorney, and he understands that success in each family law case is dependent on finding the right division of assets and allocation of custody that is right for each client. He will take the time to understand your family’s economic and familial dynamics and fight for the best resolution.

David Knecht can be trusted with your Wills, Living Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directives reported that in 2017 the population of persons over 65 was about 12%. Certainly that 12% of Vacaville residents has imminent estate planning needs. David Knecht can provide the gamut of services for retirees including Wills, Living Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives.  However, it is never too soon to be planning for the future, and David would welcome estate planning clients of all ages. He can listen to your goals and provide helpful guidance on the right estate planning tools to provide the result you need with the tax advantages you want.