Hiring an Attorney After You Are Hurt On The Job

Much as employers try to make workplaces safe, accidents do happen. At times, it may be due to sheer negligence on the employer. Regardless of the circumstances, you need to lodge a workman’s compensation claim. Usually, this comes about owing to the need for money to offset hospital bills, pay your doctor and future therapy clinics. The extent of injury could be severe resulting in your being away from work for several weeks or months. The law dictates that you should be adequately compensated for the loss of income, bills incurred and the trauma you have gone through.

When Hiring an Attorney Is a Must

Workplace injuries range from minor to severe. In the former case, you will head to the company clinic; have the injury checked ad get some medication. However, severe cases may result in hospital admissions where you undergo surgery.  If you require surgery, are unable to get back to work or were denied medical benefits, you require assistance from an attorney. A personal injury lawyer, as these attorneys are also referred to, will help you lodge a claim and advice on other rights that you have against your employer.

When The Insurer Denies Your Claim 

Insurance companies have this habit of relegating claims and refusing to award compensation. A claims assessor may investigate your claim and give feedback that there was no serious injury. At times, you file a claim and no investigations are done. Another way through which insurance companies frustrate claimants is by offering them compensation that is below par. You need the professional intervention of an attorney who will apply pressure on the insurer to investigate the case afresh. Your attorney will face the legal team from the insurance company and compel them to award you the compensation you deserve.

Delayed Compensation Checks

It is very frustrating when you are being hunted down by collection agents from the hospital and the doctors who attended to you. It is true that they gave you quality medical care and are on your way to recovery. Even after the insurance company has awarded you compensation, they keep delaying the release of these checks. At times, the checks come out in a haphazard manner at a time when you are struggling to put your life back together. Calls to the relevant persons may go unanswered leaving you frustrated. With a little help from your attorney, this will hasten up things leaving you to heal in peace.