3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Hiring My Fairfield Divorce Lawyer 

Hiring someone to represent you in a divorce case can be challenging. The lawyer you hire will need to know personal details about your life, including information about your assets, finances, and children. Failure to hire the right person can land you into a frustrating future as you deal with expensive payments, less time with your children, and other difficulties. Here are 3 things you should look for when hiring a trustworthy divorce lawyer.

How Many Cases Have Gone to Trial?

When you meet with a lawyer, ask them about the percentage of cases they have that have gone to trial. Most people are able to come to an agreement out of court, but there are rare cases that do go to trial. In actuality, 1-2% of divorce cases go to trial. It is important to discuss this information with your attorney.

If you know you will be dealing with a complex case, you do need to be aware of the way the court will run. When you have a trial date, you want to know you have a trusted attorney on your side. How much experience do they have in cases similar to yours? Having an attorney with years of experience in needed when it comes to many difficult divorce cases. Contact David Knecht Law Firm today to discuss your divorce case. Our lawyers all have years of experience in family law with an emphasis in divorce.

Who Will Handle my Case?

Family law is an extremely personal and painful process for many people. There are some lawyers who outsource the majority of the work to new attorneys in the office, or even to the paralegals. It is important to know who will be working on your case and making sure you are working with the person that will handle your case directly.

State your case to the lawyer so they know how important it is to you to have contact with them directly. A good office will focus on making sure you have updates related to your case, and to make sure you are in touch with your lawyer frequently.

How Will the Billing Work?

Part of working with an attorney also comes down to understanding how the billing it set up. What are the details of billing? Will you be charged a retainer and how much will it cost when there are additional complexities added to your case? Some law firms have different billing rates when it comes to support staff. Filing fees and other court costs can be associated with a complex divorce case. Talk to your attorney about these costs as it is important to be aware of what you will be financially responsible for with your divorce case.

Divorce is a challenging time for everyone. It pays to hire the right lawyer to represent you and make sure you are properly taken care of during this time. Contact David Knecht Law in Vacaville today to schedule a consultation.