3 Things to Look for in a Fairfield Attorney 


Finding a good attorney can be challenging for many people. While there was a time when attorneys were not as prevalent, there has been a significant rise in the number of practicing attorneys in the United States. In fact, the attorney population has increased 15% in the past decade! A good attorney is someone who will fight on your behalf. Their goal is to focus on using ethical, cost-effective, and reasonable methods to help their clients receive the best outcome possible. Here are 3 things to look for in a Fairfield attorney. 

Comfort and Personality

A good attorney will make you feel comfortable when you are working with them. While you want someone who is going to be good in the courtroom, you want someone who will valve your time in their offices. Do you feel like you can be honest and open when speaking with an attorney? An attorney cannot help you if they are not willing to pay attention to you. Reading some online reviews from past clients can help you find out if you are working with someone who does value their clients. 

Attorneys who value their clients will spend time with them no matter how large or small their case is. You want to find an attorney who does answer phone calls, emails, and text messages. Even for a routine case, a good attorney understands how stressful the entire process can be for their clients, and they are here to help you through it.  

Fee Structure and Record

The fee structure  is something the attorney will be up-front with you right away. A good attorney will lay out how their fees work, and if there is a possibility if you do have additional charges possibly coming your way. If you have a small case, some attorney’s will do a flat rate fee while others may bill by the hour. Do some research before you start meeting with attorneys so you do have an idea of how much this case will cost you.

Before you meet with the attorney, you need to check on their record. What type of cases do they specialize in, and how successful are they in their industry? Look at the online reviews to find out what people are saying about the attorney, and make sure you know everything you can find out before meeting with them so you can bring up some issues. One bad online review doesn’t mean you have an attorney who won’t value you and your time. Check with the state bar association to read up on any complaints against the attorney. 


Going along with the track record of the attorney, you want to find out what their expertise is. What do they specialize in? What is their win-loss record in the industry? Based on what your case involves, you need to find the attorney who does have the experience and expertise that will win your case. 

When it comes to finding a great attorney, you need to spend time researching. Do not just call the first number you see in the search engines. Spend time meeting multiple attorneys, feeling out how their personality works with yours, how successful they are, and if you feel they will be a good fit for you. We hope these tips will help you find the right Fairfield attorney to represent you in the court of law!