3 Things to Look for When Selecting an Attorney to Prepare Your Living Trust 

A living trust is an estate planning document created and legally in existence during the grantor’s lifetime. The main advantage of a living trust is that it does not have to go through the standard probate process, so your funds and assets can be distributed more quickly when you die or become incapacitated than they would be able to with a standard will. 

While it’s possible to make your own living trust, hiring an estate planning attorney will help ensure that your loved ones and property are protected. Read on to discover what qualities to look for when hiring an attorney to create your living trust:


  • Experience: 

When looking for a qualified attorney to assist you with your living trust, it’s very important to look for a law firm that has extensive experience in estate planning. Because some of the legal issues in estate planning vary by state and even by county, it’s also important to find a firm with experience serving clients in your area. 

Spend some time looking for an attorney with local experience who is familiar with constructing and implementing living trusts for people in situations similar to your own. 


  • Trust: 

When selecting an attorney to prepare your living trust, it’s also important to ask yourself the following questions: Do I feel comfortable with this person? Can I see myself working closely with this attorney? Do I trust this attorney enough to share my personal information? 

Keep in mind that you’ll be sharing intimate details about your life and your family with your estate planning attorney. It becomes one of the most personal professional relationships that you have. You will want to feel comfortable with this person, and you will want someone who can answer all your questions and provide you the personalized attention that you need. 



  • Reasonable Fees:

Legal fees are another crucial consideration when you’re selecting an attorney to prepare your living trust. It’s often worth it to pay to have the peace of mind that a qualified and professional estate planning attorney brings when you’re setting up a living trust. However, make sure that you have an understanding of what the cost will be for your particular case. A good attorney will be clear about their billing practices, and they will let you know what you will be charged for and if any additional costs come up. 

Your estate planning attorney is the person who helps you make sure that your loved ones and property are taken care of. Make sure that it’s someone you can feel confident in. 

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