5 Signs You Picked The Wrong Attorney

Whether you are facing charges or pressing them, you need a good lawyer by your side to help you navigate the legal proceedings. If things are not going well at court, you may have hired the wrong lawyer. Here are five signs that indicate that you might need to find new legal representation.

1. They Do Not Pick Up The Phone

An attorney who doesn’t answer your phone calls or emails is simply not paying attention. Frankly speaking, if getting ahold of your attorney is getting increasingly difficult, this indicates that your case is not at the top of your attorney’s priority list, or that he/she is avoiding you as he/she is uncertain how to handle your case. They might also be avoiding you because they are busy with a more lucrative case. If your attorney is in court or preparing for trial, you may not get a call back right away. But your attorney should get back to you as soon as possible.

2. They Are Usually Late

“Justice delayed is justice denied.” This is a common slogan competent lawyer’s live by. If your lawyer is missing court deadlines, this will damage your case, and by the time your case is decided, it might be too late. The legal system takes time to reach a verdict as the judge has to consider each and every aspect of the case to ensure that everyone’s rights are upheld. If your lawyer misses deadlines or hearings, your case will be decided in a much longer time span. This will also increase your over all litigation costs.

3. They Are Difficult To Work With

If your lawyer is difficult to work with due to his attitude, this is a major red flag, as your case depends on how well you communicate your situation to your attorney. If your attorney uses a condescending tone, you need to find new legal representation.

4. You Can’t Get In Touch With Any of Their Previous Clients

If your attorney refuses or avoids providing you with a valid reference, this indicates that his previous clients are not content with his work. A competent attorney will proactively provide you with multiple references.  Ask people if they have ever heard about your attorney, as this will give you an idea about his or her reputation. Also check your attorney’s website and if you can’t find any client reviews, you should start worrying. You should also Google them and try to see what people are saying about them online.  

5. Their Promises Are Too Good To Be True

If your attorney keeps promising you that the success of your case is inevitable, beware. Professional lawyers always tell their clients how they are going to get the job done, but at the same time they will inform their clients that due to the complexity of the legal system, promising an outcome will be unethical.