Family Law Legislative Updates

Family law is ever changing as new laws are proposed or passed that impact how these challenging cases are decided. This article will provide an update on legislative changes that impact family law.

Piqui’s Law, educating judges to reduce risk of children from dangerous parents.

  • Piqui was the nickname of a child who was murdered by his father in 2017 soon after his father had won partial custody rights.
  • The Law requiresjudges to go through training to better assess family custody cases where the child could be at risk if allowed to be with a dangerous parent.
  • The law also prohibits family court judges from ordering what’s called “family reunification treatments” such as camps, particularly when it involves reconnecting a child with a parent suspected of being abusive.
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 AB 665, equalizing mental health care for youth.

  • The purpose of this law was to make mental health care equally available to low income youth.
  • The existing California law allowed youth ages 12 and older to consent to outpatient mental health counseling, but previously teens using Medi-Cal had to meet a higher acuity than peers who had private insurance coverage.
  • This law corrects that problem to eliminate the inequity between those covered by Medi-Cal and those with private insurance.
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 AB 1148, the Stable Parents Stable Children Act extending grace period from incarceration to child support payments due.

SB 343, Child Support Federal Rule Compliance.

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