Five Ways Life Insurance Can Help With Estate Planning

When you pass your loved ones can face many expenses, which may include funeral expenses, debts that may reduce the assets for your heirs and final taxes, which can include back taxes and taxes for the year in which you die. Life insurance can help your loved ones cover these expenses, which can be very advantageous if the estate holds real estate or other assets that take time to be liquidated to cash. As reported by, even though over 70% of Americans surveyed think life insurance is a necessity, only about half of Americans actually have some kind of life insurance. As with other types of estate planning, the statistics often show that there is more commitment to the idea that it needs to get done than to the effort to follow through, but in the case of life insurance, the work to get it is often fairly minimal, with some sites offering instant policies . This article will highlight some of the ways life insurance can be part of an estate plan.

  • Payment of Estate Taxes

Federal estate tax applies to the gross estate of the person who has died and must be paid within 9 months after the death of an owner. Proceeds of a life insurance policy can pay these taxes. Life insurance policies are generally not subject to income taxes.

  • Estate Equalization

A life insurance policy can help fill in the gap where there are assets that are not liquid but you want each child to get an equal share. For example, if one child received a farm or a home, where the child receiving that asset does not want to sell it or break it up, then the life insurance policy can help the other child or children get an equal share, where liquidating the asset would have a negative consequence to its value.

  •  Business Asset Coverage

If you die, the surviving business owners will receive death benefits and your family will get the payment for your interest in the company.

  •  Quicker Payouts.  

The death benefit of a life insurance policy can be claimed immediately, which makes is helpful for paying out expenses and lessening the financial burden on your family.

  •  Special purposes

Life insurance proceeds can be dedicated for a special purpose, like divorce obligations for spousal or child support or to providing continuing support for a minor, a child with special needs or an aging adult.


Life insurance is one of many estate planning tools to choose from, so it is important to create a customized plan that is right for your goals, assets and loved ones. If you want to get started on an estate plan, contact the Law Office of David Knecht. Call us at 707-451-4502. We have extensive experience in estate planning.