How Hiring an Attorney Enhances The Success of Your Social Security Disability Appeal

When you have a social security disability hearing, it is not necessary that you hire an attorney. Nevertheless, attorneys have successfully assisted claimants win their cases before. Experience has shown that applicants who hire legal representation have a double chance of approval than those who are not represented. Normally, when your claim is rejected, as it happens in majority of cases, you have a right to appeal. The appeal goes before a judge who reviews your medical evidence, your own testimony as well as that given by others. This evidence should attest that you are a disabled person as defined by law. 

Obtaining and Assessing Medical Records

Judges reject claims on grounds that a claimant has presented incomplete records; the treatment history is inconsistent or has some gaps in between. Nonetheless, an attorney will help you in gathering concrete records for presentation to the court. You are supposed to request for these records, but attorneys know how to get them faster. The attorney is also aware of sections that need to be updated. Once he gets the records, he will review them carefully and decide whether they are sufficient for submission. This results in watertight evidence.

Opinions from Doctors

A disability attorney contacts the doctors or physicians who treated you and requests them to furnish him with their opinions in writing. This should touch on the subject of whether you are able to continue working or not. Based on the respect professionals accord each other, doctors will most likely respond to attorneys than they would to individuals. On the other hand, if your attorney deems your medical report to be insufficient, he can compel the Social Security Administration to arrange for a physical or psychological exam.

Getting You Ready for Questioning

All witnesses get nervous when put to the witness stand. The same can happen to you. Nervousness makes you confused. It is very easy to give contradictory remarks when you are in this state. Social security attorneys are familiar with the way hearings are conducted. Your own will prepare you to answer questions a judge is likely to ask. He will practice the questions and give you tips on how to give the required answers.  This boosts your confidence and reduces the likelihood of giving answers that could jeopardize your case.

Putting the Vocational Expert to Task

This is an expert hired to give evidence on whether you are impaired and cannot be able to work. If he confirms that you are capable of working, the judge will reject your claim. However, soon as the judge has completed his questioning, your attorney takes over. He asks questions that poke holes in the vocational expert’s testimony.