How to Know If You’ve Selected the Wrong Divorce Lawyer

With over 1.35 million lawyers currently practicing in the United States, it is easy to say not EVERY lawyer is going to be a good one. How do you know if you are hiring the right person? How do you know if you’ve hired the wrong divorce lawyer? Over the years, our Vacaville lawyers have dealt with a number of good and bad lawyers. We can give you some clear signs of what makes a good lawyer, and what makes for a bad lawyer. Here are just a few of the things that show you that you’ve hired the wrong divorce lawyer.

Failure to Communicate
One of the most important things you need in a good lawyer is someone who will communicate with you. A good lawyer will tell you what is happening with your divorce case. While it is expected for a lawyer to be busy, they should have a good team in the office who will handle responding to your case. An attorney who takes days or never responds to emails, phone calls, and text messages is one that doesn’t value your time.

Lack of Interest
When you meet with the divorce lawyer, do they seem to take an interest in you? Do they seem to care about how difficult this time in your life actually is? One of the biggest issues people find with their divorce case is the fact that they have a lawyer that doesn’t seem to care about them. If the lawyer keeps pushing you to settle on something that seems unfair, or they just don’t want to fight for you, it’s time to look for a new divorce lawyer. Some other signs of a bad lawyer include:

  • Showing up late to court and appointments
  • Failure to file documents on time or filing the paperwork wrong
  • Ignoring phone calls
  • Making decisions without consulting you first

Expensive Fees and Hidden Fees
A good lawyer is always upfront with their costs. Some lawyers will find ways to nickel and dime their clients, and that is what you have to be worried about. Lawyer’s aren’t cheap, but if you are seeing a lot of charges or overbilling charges, contact the lawyer right away. Clearly something isn’t right with their billing and fee structure, and they were not up-front with you in the beginning.

Unethical Behavior
There are some lawyers out there that have poor communication, and overall just lack integrity. If you feel like you are working with someone who you feel is lying or engaging in practices that are not ethical, it’s time to move on. Breaking the law or lying is not acceptable from a divorce lawyer, do not work with them!

Lack of Empathy
Divorce cases are some of the toughest out there for emotions. A good divorce lawyer will show empathy for you and your situation. A divorce case needs to have a lawyer with experience in several divorce trials, with favorable outcomes for their clients. You need to be able to trust your lawyer to assist you with your case, and ensure they have your best interest in hand.

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