Legal Problems? 3 Most Important Things to Finding the Right Attorney

No matter the reason for your current legal problems, one of your biggest challenges could be finding the right attorney. With so many out there, you may not be sure what sets them apart from one another, and exactly which type you need. However, whether you’re looking to get compensation for an injury you sustained during a recent car accident, or are trying to defend yourself in a DUI case, here are three important things to look for in the right attorney.


The first thing to consider when looking for the right attorney is their experience. However, not just any experience, experience with cases just like yours. Many firms take on all sorts of cases from civil cases to tax evasion, but what is important is that your lawyer knows all about the law and your rights in your case. When researching attorney’s online, check their recent track record for successful cases like yours and one or more attorneys that have handled similar cases. It can be helpful for your attorney to have an in house resource if your case gets a little complicated.

Fee Transparency

No one likes to be surprised by the bill they receive at the end of any service. One of the single most important things to look for in an attorney is complete transparency when it comes to legal fees. Many lawyers provide a free initial consultation to discuss your case, but the rates after that may vary greatly. Other lawyers charge fees right off the bat, which may dissuade you as a client, but their fees and rates following the initial consultation may be lower than competitors. Whatever the rate or method of charging fees, what is most important is that you as a client understand the fees from the start and are informed of any additional fees that come up throughout the duration of your case.

An open line

While you may not be the only case your attorney will have, having an open line of communication should help you feel like your case is important to your attorney. Promptly returning calls early on in your vetting process is a great indicator of how open communication will be throughout the duration of your case. Not only is good communication important for your own peace of mind, but also to keep you updated on your case, any upcoming legal proceedings and the outcome of their research and work.

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