Legal Problems??? The 3 Most Important Things to Consider Before Your Day in Court

Preparing for your first day in court can be emotionally agonizing and exhausting. However, with all the preparation and planning you’ve done with your legal counsel, you may still feel apprehensive, nervous and completely unprepared in the several days or weeks leading up to your first day in court. To ease the burden and give you peace of mind, here are several things to consider before you step into the courtroom.

Understand how the law falls in your favor

Even if you are facing criminal charges, there are many circumstances where the law can actually help your case and may even lead to an acquittal instead of a conviction. Circumstances following your arrest, such as improper police conduct, evidence tampering, or even things as simple as not having been read your rights can mean that the legal system has failed you. Because of these simple failures, the judicial system will then fall in your favor.  Especially in the days leading up to your trial, go over your case once more with your lawyer, being sure not to leave out even the smallest detail. A detail you didn’t think was important could get your case thrown out.

Know your case from every angle

While your lawyer may have walked you through every step of your argument, you may have found yourself doodling or daydreaming during the part where he mentioned the opposing counsel’s arguments. However, in the days leading up to your court date, be sure to sit down with your lawyer to provide an in depth look at the other side of your case. What information or evidence does the opposition have that can hurt our case? What questions will they ask? What questions will we ask in return? These are just a few of the things to be aware of before your step foot in the court room.

No two cases are the same

Even if your best friend, neighbor or brother has been involved in a similar court case, there is certainly no guarantee that you will have the same experience or a similar outcome. Each case is so different because each state has different laws and procedures, to say nothing of the different judges and lawyers that will be in your courtroom. Judges and juries are human, and they have good and bad days like everyone else. While you can’t control their mood during the trial, you can prepare yourself for every kind of scenario. Your lawyer will inform you of the judge assigned to your case and can research past cases the judge has presided over to give you an idea of his previous verdicts in cases similar to yours so you can both plan accordingly.

Whether you’re facing a criminal charge or are fighting for custody of your children, following these steps can help you be confident, educated, and prepared for your first day in court and give you the best chances for success throughout the proceedings.