What Can We Learn From Hollywood About Estate Planning

For those who follow celebrity news, there have been recent sobering and tragic events. This article discusses the heartbreaking passing of dancer, Stephen (tWitch) Boss, and actress, Kirstie Alley, as well as Celine Dion’s recent news of a challenging health diagnosis with stiff man syndrome. While we mourn with other fans about these events with sensitivity and compassion, we also urge our clients to use these celebrity examples as motivation to consider loved ones and make estate planning priority. Below we share a few lessons that can be gleaned from celebrity news. 

You are never too young for estate planning

  • The recent tragic death of Stephen (tWitch) Boss, a dancer who rose to fame through So You Think You Can Dance, is a case in point as he was only 40 when he died. 
  • There is much public concern as to the reason Twitch took his own life, but no answers that have been made public at this time and the hearts of many of his fans have been mourning his early death and its impact for his wife and children. 
  • The lesson here for estate planning is a heartbreaking one: you may not know the demons your spouse or partner is facing in life or how to help them, so preparing for tragic possibilities is wise even though it can be a challenging topic to discuss with loved ones. 

Estate planning for a health crisis is wise because a health crisis can be severe and unexpected

  • Celine Dion, renowned singe, recently announced a challenging health diagnosis, stiff person syndrome, that is preventing her from completing her upcoming tour.
  • This highlights that disease and disability can happen suddenly to anyone, and that serious health conditions can impact ability to work and qualify of life. 
  • Part of complete estate planning is thinking ahead to your wishes regarding health challenges in the future – for example, who do you want to help make medical decisions for you if a health condition prevents you from making decisions for yourself, how can you plan your assets for protection from creditors in the event of a major health crisis?

Estate planning is necessary because you never know how much time you have left

  • The reality for all of us is that life is precious and the amount of time we have left is unknown, so estate planning to communicate your wishes to loved ones and dispose of your property as you see fit is timely no matter when you begin. 

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