What to Expect When You Are Caught in Possession of Illegal Substances

We live in confusing times with regard to the laws surrounding illegal substances. There is a lot of debate surrounding the way we as a society deal with certain substances, and how we view the problems associated with them. An ever-increasing number of states are implementing drug law reforms, particularly concerning cannabis possession, with measures ranging from partial decriminalization to outright legalization in different jurisdictions.

Whatever the social issues, however, you should keep in mind that the current laws are still enforceable, so it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the law, and know which substances are legal and illegal where you live. If you are caught in possession of illegal substances, knowing what to expect will help you to ultimately secure the best possible outcome in your particular circumstances.

Your Rights

When you are placed under arrest, the arresting officer will read you the Miranda rights. Most people are familiar with these rights as they are often quoted in movies and TV beginning with, “You have the right to remain silent…” and continuing on to inform you of your right to legal representation.

Practicing both of these rights is advisable. The police may try to persuade you to make a statement without counsel present. If this happens, be courteous but firm. Insist that you are allowed to speak to your attorney, and do not answer any further questions. If the arresting officer failed to read you your rights, inform your lawyer of that fact.

Talk to Your Lawyer

In order to represent you effectively, your attorney will need to know the circumstances that led to your arrest. Make sure you relate accurately what happened, and in what order. Where were the drugs found—on your person, or under the seat of your vehicle? Why were you approached by the officer in the first place? Your attorney will need to know this to determine whether the search violated your Fourth Amendment rights, in which case it might be possible to suppress the evidence.

There are many possible defences that a good attorney can mount. If you require legal representation now, or think you may in the future, contact David Knecht today.