Why an Accident Attorney is Your Best Bet When Tackling Personal Injury Suits

Being involved in an auto accident is a harrowing experience. It leaves you with not only physical injuries but with mental trauma as well. Besides, there are hospital bills to pay which eats into your finances. If the injuries are serious, you could be out of work for weeks or even months. Some people may be quick to give you all manner of advice. There are those who will tell you to take whatever compensation the insurance company will offer. The best advice you should listen to is that from someone telling you to consult an accident attorney. Here’s why:

The Severity of The Accident

If the accident is a minor one, going to an attorney might not be necessary. You can negotiate between yourselves and agree. Such agreements can help resolve matters and end it there. However, where the accident is severe and you have had to be taken to hospital, you cannot just settle for any amount. You need the intervention of a legal expert.

Benefits Factor

A car accident attorney understands the legal aspects of personal injuries resulting from auto accidents. He can wriggle through the bottlenecks associated with insurers. You must always bear in mind the fact that insurance companies are out to make a profit. Much as they would be willing to compensate you, the amount may not be in proportion to the injuries sustained. With assistance from an attorney, you can get a fair amount. He will fight tooth and nail to see to it that you are adequately compensated.

The Contingency Element

Law firms normally charge their fees on a contingent basis. The attorneys who specialize in this area do not charge their clients any fees while the cases are in progress. However, they will wait until the aggressor or a court awards you compensation. Once the money is released, they take out a certain percentage to cover their legal and processing fees. This puts you at an advantage because the attorney will have a direct interest in your case.

Where You Are Accused of Responsibility

This can be very tricky for you. It is also ironic in the sense that you are the injured person yet the other party accuses you of being responsible. Before an insurance claim is paid, the company must first ascertain who was responsible. The severity of the accident does not matter. Without a lawyer to speak for you, chances of being compensated are almost nil.  That is why you need to speak to an attorney immediately after you have been involved in an accident.