Divorce and Healing

In a recent New York Times piece, the author describes how close friends became a parachute for her emotionally when she was left untethered and metaphorically free-falling alone after her divorce

If you are in the middle of a California divorce or rebuilding your life after finalizing your divorce, you may wonder how to find yourself again. Healing is possible, with healthy coping skills and time. This article will summarize suggestions from physchologytoday.com for healing during and after a divorce.

What are some key takeaways about divorce and healing?

Remember that you CAN heal from divorce with time and effort. 

  • Divorce involves stages of recovery and it takes time
  • Recovery requires a commitment to positive coping skills
  • Healing can take an average of one to two years

What are the do’s and don’ts in the acute phase of divorce trauma?

The acute phase is when you are in the initial shock of the changes in your life.

  • Do understand that this is a triage time and not the rest of your life. Keeping a perspective will help you cope with the trauma in this initial stage. 
  • Do focus on sleep, good health habits, friends and family. 
  • Don’t fall into bad habits with drugs and alcohol.

What is the acceptance phase of divorce healing?

The acceptance phase of divorce healing is a time of strong and extreme emotions. You may swing from anger to grief to guilt, shame or relief.

  • Remember that all feelings are ok
  • Listen to yourself and allow yourself to experience the emotions fully.
  • Find a close family member, friend or therapist to confide you feelings. Expressing them aloud can help you work through them.

 What is the adjustment phase of divorce healing?

The adjustment phase is when you adapt to your new life. 

  • Begin to create a plan for your new financial situation and parenting
  • Consider joining a support group
  • During this time you’ll notice that you are starting to think more clearly and feel more positive about the future. 

Contact an Experienced Divorce Firm

One way to facilitate the healing process in or after a divorce is to choose experienced legal counsel. A family law attorney who knows the system and is willing to take the time to get to know you and your case will help prevent the trauma that can come from becoming a victim to the legal system. Having excellent representation will take some of the stress of the divorce off your shoulders. For help with any issue relating to divorce or family law, contact the Law Office of David Knecht.  We have extensive experience with family law and can help you feel confident, understood and supported. Contact us at 707-451-4502.