Am I Paying Too Much for Child Support?

According to the most recent statistics on, the mean child support due was $6050 annually. The mean child support actually paid was $3770, which is about $315 per month. These figures are based on 2011 and are national, not California – specific, but they give interesting context to the questions of whether you are paying too much child support or whether you are paying too little child support. This article is a brief overview of the basics of child support. For more information about child support or for help collecting unpaid child support payments, feel free to contact David Knecht at
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How do I get a divorce in California? Divorce Law Basics

If you are in a marriage that isn’t working out, you have probably wondered how to get a

divorce in California and what are the basic rules of divorce in California. This article will review

some of the divorce law basics, but for excellent legal advice, feel free to consult David Knecht at
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